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Our clients often ask where they can obtain more information regarding jyotish gemstones and jewelry. This page contains links to reports that we consider to be of very high quality. Using jyotish jewelry is not essential to a soulmate search but traditional vedic astrology teaches that jyotish can be a powerful technique for increasing and focusing your energies.

This information is available from 3rd-party vendors at the links below. SoulmateForMe assumes no liability for problems arising from business with these vendors and provides this information as a courtesy to our clients only.

WARNING: This information is subject to all the caveats and precautions set forth in the Soulmate Research PDF here. User assumes all risk and responsibility for their use of this site. Readings and scores are "metaphysical information" for entertainment and amusement purposes only. Metaphysical techniques are disputed by many knowledgeable people in science. If metaphysics has any validity it is but one determinant of overall romantic attraction and compatibility.

The jewelers below specialize in jyotish gems and jewelry consistent with traditional vedic standards. This list is provided as a courtesy to our clients who assume full responsibility for any business dealings with these vendors. These websites also provide alot of reference information on the topic of jyotish-quality jewelry and it's relationship to vedic astrology.

The Planetary Gems Company Fairfield, IA (641) 469-3672 http://www.planetarygems.com/index.htm
Balaji Natural Gems Pecos, NM (505) 757-6194 http://www.planetaryjewels.com